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  • Weight Loss Program

    This programs are specially designed to deal with physical and psycho-social problems of being  overweight  and bring about a positive changes  towards both , self as wel...

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  • Weight Gain Program

    Weight gain can be equally challenging if not more , than weight loss. It involves not only physiological but also behavioural changes towards food, environment and society in general  It...

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  • Diet for Boosting Immunity

    Latest Covid- 19 pandemic has emphasized the urgent need to boost up our immunity  and consumption of right foods for the same. Weak immunity is expressed in several ways such as frequent...

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  • Healthy Heart Diet

    This program includes dietary advice for  all types of hyperlipoproteinemias , congestive cardiac failure, strokes and coronary heart diseases. Cardiac diets aim at correction of blood ...

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  • Diet for Polycystic ovarian Syndrome

    PCOS is fast spreading epidemic among young women who are unable to conceive and among young teenagers facing sudden weight gain and body changes. The syndrome is multifaceted affecting millio...

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  • Diabetes Management Program

    Diet in diabetes is of the most important tool to control blood glucose levels which can vary on day today basis depending upon the composition of meal, time of eating and medications, physical act...

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